23 | 01 | 2020
آخر المواضيع

For ever we will stay..By Ghada Qwaider

For ever we will stay
by Ghada Qwaider

I need a special world contains you and me

A desert that can our souls swim freely in

Beating heart among us , sends desires to both

Crazy desires push us to yearning and concerns

Look ! the sky is crying this evening

Flowers embraces the small dew and flee

To ignore our love you must be born again

To sleep without a moon collecting your dreams

To live such a way , don't let your eyes so bright

Always sending warmness to control our pulse
From which there is no release

And we don't wish release such a love as thee

All sighs of both say ; our hearts always as one

With yours I will remain ,so don't compare cast

It would be a crime to denounce the beauty

Our hearts entrapped forever and always say

It's our devotion that makes them still

I said before and today I will say

I wrote your name in my heart

And forever it will stay