08 | 12 | 2019
آخر المواضيع

Loneliness..By Niama Benhallam


By Niama Benhallam


Dusk falls, no star twinkles

No moon its golden rays sprinkles

No glee freshens my eyes, and at my heart

Sorrow throws its sharpened dart 

Through the chain of my days

No air, no melody ever plays

And dreams, even dreams have gone away

Leaving my soul entirely grey 

Oh loneliness

My close company

Oh betray

You’ve succumbed to such gluttony

You’ve swallowed my joy, my glint and my smile

Enclosed me in a cold, wild and desert isle  

However, you are forgiven

You have led me to my own heaven

To the seas of the letter, the verse and the rhyme

To a world where my bells can chime